Autism guide for teens by a teen

A guide for teens by a teen

Rising high school senior Aryelle Jacobsen’s book, A is for Awkward, is a guide for middle schoolers. In the book, Jacobsen alphabetizes the complications of adolescence. Also she gives apt advice about how to deal with them. Each page features a concept—like “E is for Encouragement” or “O is for Optimism.” This book includes original art by teens. To purchase, go to A is for Awkward.

The Forward
by Dr. Olson Huff

A is for Awkward.
A is also for Awesome.

In the vernacular of those caught between childhood and adolescence that is the best way to describe this book: Awesome!

Drawing from an intimate knowledge of the sometimes painful, often funny and ever present uncertainty of the “tween” years, this gem of a book is, itself, at times funny, revealing, poignant and enriching. Most of all, however, it is filled with wisdom that cradles the conflicting emotions of those having to endure middle school while simultaneously validating their right to claim their own identity.

Each letter of the alphabet introduces a theme to be absorbed, a lesson to live by and a reassurance that “hey, you are OK with who you are after all!”

Like “Chicken Soup for the Soul” this book is a primer designed to give hope, relieve fear, encourage expression and provide guidance for the journey through, yes, a very awkward time of life.

It should be treasured by and carried in the backpack of every one who embarks on that journey!